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#12786 - 16.06.06. 21:20 Nokia N80 - spisek popravkov: SW 3.0617.0.6
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Changes/improvements made MCU SW v 3.0614.0.3 to v 3.0617.0.6:

- Right soft key function changes to “video call” when entering number in idle to allow fast selection of Video Call.
- Memory optimization has been done to increase available RAM by about 2MB
- Video sharing is now supported in landscape mode

- Improved the volume for text-to-speech conversion
- AD-15 performance improved

- Imrpovements to Anniversary, To-Do and calendar entries
- Improvements in Fixed dialing number (FDN) handling
- Improvements to FM Radio Auto tuning

- Improved handling of Image transfer to Macs over Bluetooth

- Improvements to Video Adaptation Video Encoder and playback
- Camera key is no longer active if device locked
- Improvements to Camera rotation when used by 3rd party applications
- Camera shutter sound is now played during voice call

- Improved PDP context activation time for PC dial up

- Bookmarks can now be separated for WEB and Services applications

- Flash files (SWF) appear in Gallery and are now launched in FlashPlayer
- Improvements to media gallery opening from camera application

- HomeZone indication does not disappear during PDP context active
- HomeZone indication is displayed when GPRS is active and cell changes.

- EONS/Wrong operators names shown on the display
- Correctly shows network name
- EONS name scrolling stops when keys are locked
- Softkeys are missing in idle state
- Idle screen not always restored

- "Localised Greek - Media Gallery - Grammatical mistake in ""Transfer complete Transferred %N item to %U"""

Mail settings
- Mail settings can now be used from MMC Messaging
- Improvements to retrieving an email when there's no network coverage

- Improvements to Video Clip handling in MMS
- Pre-created mms messages can now be loaded

Music Player
- Music player handling when video open in background

Network settings menu
- GSM network settings menu, missing menu entry

Real Player
- ROP stays in Loading status sometimes for live streaming

- Incoming Video Call improved handling

- Application Manager: Application loses list of installed applications
- No post after user cancel JAR download

- SAT UI in file twice so set up idle mode text shown twice
- Phone is not issuing Event Downloads to the UICC in 3G
- Wrong behaviour when saving contact with long second number

- Updated motion theme
- SVG files containing PNG images are rendered incorrectly

- USSD command '*121*0#' cannot be processed with USIM

- EAP-LEAP fix
- Esock IP crash when cancel pressed after search for WLAN

Video Call
- Video call improvements
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#12787 - 16.06.06. 21:28 Nokia 6680 - spisek popravkov: SW 5.04.07
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Nokia 6680 New features in MCU SW v5.04.07:

• AD-15 audio adapter support added.
• Browser cache cleared every time when exit from browser.
• Change of manual NW selection when ePLMN is used.
• Better preset eq value introduced for unknown headsets.
• MP3 filename length support increased to 256 characters.
• Default year in startup changed from 2005 to 2006.

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v4.04.07 to v5.04.07:

• FPLMN list updated on USIM.
• Axalto USIM card detection improved.
• FDN activation and deactivation with Axalto USIM card improved.
• SMS sending from Gemplus SIMATK improved.
• Problem to access menu with certain SIM cards corrected.
• Phone reset with certain SIM and SMS combination corrected.
• SIMATK accessibility improved with some Oberthur SIM cards.
• SMS sending from Gemplus SIMATK improved.

Audio and Video
• Camera tone cannot be heard in silent mode.
• Video frame rate improved in Night mode.
• Unknown Hi-fi headset default volume decreased.
• 3gp file recognition from header (extension independent recognition) improved.
• Video player stability improved when playing invalid MP4 file.
• Sound quality of music track is no longer affected by camera shooting.

• Improved handling of large web pages when rendering them using “By quality” option.
• Handling of unescaped # character in web page improved.
• General Browser stability improved.

• MMS editor handling better DRM protected audio files.
• Improvement to handling video contained MMS.
• Corrected icon when message store in MMC.
• Mailbox capability to handle lot of POP mails improved.
• New mail indications improved. No more false indications.
• Improved functionality with MMS messages received via email, containing only image, from reference phone.
• Fixed phone freeze problem with some T9 combinations.
• General T9 behavior improved.
• Receiving problem with DRM protected MMS fixed.
• Changed the handling of <DIV> tags in order to remove unwanted linefeeds.
• Improvements to Hebrew character handling in email.
• Improved SMS creation from web link having Scandinavian characters.
• Delivery report timestamp functionality improved in case selected country doesn’t have full hours GMT offset.

Video Call
• SMS and Video call alert tones both played, if received at the same time.
• Video Call initialization phase robustness improved.

• Phone reset problem with Motorola BT headsets fixed.
• BT car kit connectivity improved.
• Bluetooth pairing interoperability improved.
• Improvements to backup restore function with DRM protected files.
• Showing ID3v2 tags when user checks music file details via media gallery improved. Content of "composer" field is shown if available and if "artist" field is empty.
• Playing 3gp file with only voice on the first page has been improved.
• MediaGallery accesses to MMC improved.
• Handling of corrupted jpeg files improved.
• RTSP Teardown now sent after streaming is stopped.
• Phone reset problem during video sharing initialization corrected.
• Improved functionality of making a shortcut out of converter.
• Improved handling of Offline-profile.
• Improvement to memory handling in gallery related to DRM protected files.
• Improved memory handling in DRM Rights Server and DRM Rights Database.
• Operator certificate bindings updated.
• Logs GPRS counter clearing improved in certain situations.
• Operator name list updated.
• Snooze option disappearing problem corrected.
• Removed possibility to change profiles when SIM not inserted.
• MAP service UnstructeredSSNotify functionality improved.
• Network connection failure not shown anymore after using PUK code.
• USSD message not cleared automatically anymore after automatic acknowledge sent to network.
• Current consumption behavior improved in idle mode.
• PDP context creation handling improved in case maximum PDP context amount reached.
• Calendar tone can be set to off.
• Improved vibra functionality when playing ringing tones in settings preview mode.

Radio Bearer/Functionality
• Added support for Network error code "00011010 Insufficient
• Resources" in networks that doesn’t support multiple PDP context.
• GSM network selection improved in case GERAN is preferred.
• Voice and video call success rate improved.
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#12788 - 01.07.06. 18:57 Re: Nokia 6230i - spisek popravkov: SW 3.80
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Nokia 6230i Changes/improvement made from MCU SW version 3.70 to version 3.80:

Call and network management
• HS-6 functioning improved after making a voice dial call with own number sending set to off
• HS-6: displaying caller name with some SIM cards improved

• Ending of RTSP connections improved by sending RTSP TEARDOWN information
• Improvement when attaching to GPRS Network and short name is used in NITZ message

• SMS notification tone improved (the selected in Theme tone is played)
• E-mail layout improved in Hebrew

• Improvement for changing Mailbox number when using USIM
• Changing the language using USIM improved
• Selecting Hebrew as a default language improved
• Displaying Hebrew Calendar (week view) improved
• Pausing and resuming of playing a MP4 file improved
• Alignment of characters in Israel Java applications improved
• Sending files via Bluetooth between two handset improved
• Displaying of battery full indicator improved
• Ascending volume of ringing tone is enabled after dialling using voice tags
• Operator name list updated
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#12789 - 01.07.06. 18:58 Nokia 6280 - spisek popravkov: SW 3.81
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Nokia 6280 Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.65 to version 3.81:

Call and network management
• Dialling *188 for video conference service improved
• Improvement for a waiting call sound when used in the speaker mode
• "End active call and answer video call" is displayed when received a waiting video call
• Improvement when a voice call is rejected while streaming

• Activation of video stream links improved
• Synchronization of voice and video optimized
• Improvement when starting a streaming session from HTTP URL inserted in a MMS

• Message is marked as "received" as soon as it is saved in inbox and the indicator is not displayed
• Resending of SMSs improved
• Improvement when receiving advertisement message
• MMS Forwarding improved when MMS received from Samsung ZV10
• Improvement when Bluetooth activated and it is tried to compose a MMS with a big video clip
• Improvement when downloading MMS's composed on Samsung E700 containing a picture, sound and Hebrew text
• IM Invitation improved

• The search function for some web pages improved

• Using of SIMT ATK Application over SMS class 2 improved
• Handling of SIM card improved enabling to switch profiles when Push to Talk activated
• Audio recording improved when the phone’s memory is totally full
• Improvement in a file handling of voice recorder
• Saving of selected 'video motion' values improved
• Saving of new bookmarks improved
• SW support for new RF component added
• Operator name list updated
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#12790 - 17.08.06. 14:27 Re: Nokia N70 - spisek popravkov: SW 5.0616.2.0.3
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v5.0609.2.0.1 to v5.0616.2.0.3:

- Device no longer reboots after entering PIN code with a small number of USIM cards
- It is now possible to send an MMS with video or audio content
- The input method indicator 'Pinyin' and 'Bihui' shows correctly

Music player:
- Rolf PR2 Localisation problem in Music Player ("A Processar" issue) fixed
- Rolf Music Player “save” query localisation fixed
- Music player crash with incorrect ID3 tag date information fixed

For Telefonica:
- When receiving a call during a music download, the music no longer plays incorrectly

For Orange
- Possibility to enable OHS for Orange variant fixed

For O2
- SAT refresh voice call coordination in place
- Old HomeZone information displayed correctly
- HomeZone text appears after Active Idle is turned on
- HomeZone & CityZone texts are now animated correctly
- HomeZone icon disappears at appropriate times
- SAT refresh comes through during voice call correctly
- "App. closed Standby mode" issue is fixed
- O2 music application download functionality fixed

For T-Mobile
- SATUI Active Idle plug-in is shown in Active Idle correctly
- Enabling messaging active idle plug-in after using NBC with active idle behaves successfully
- Active idle displays correctly formatted Ai controls when the user has a large amount of PIM data.
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#12791 - 18.08.06. 21:09 Re: Nokia N80 - spisek popravkov: SW 4.0623.0.41
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
RM-92 dp v 13.0 (MCU SW 4.0623.0.41)
Date: 17.08.2006 Size: 101.5 MB

New features
- When there is a headset connected then it is possible to close the slide without ending the call
- Support for Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 has been added (No support for DRM)
- Adobe PDF Reader has been added
- Mobile Search has been added
- Antivirus has been added
- FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) pull is enabled in some variants
- Backup
- Backup cannot read midlet when midlet is running before backup starts
- Contacts database is in use if client remains open during backup/restore
- Java midlet data is not restored
- Panics if java hash information was not parsed successfully
- SIS files are not restored after backup/restore
- Midlets installed to drive other than (C not backed up or restored
- Package data file restoration problem when directory doesn't already exist
- Backup/Restore failed to restore assigned Speed Dial numbers

- Improvements to stability of long term connections
- Switching on BT On ->off-> on can cause phone menu to lock up and Disappear

- Browser memory usage reduction when browsing many sites
- WAP Push correction for CSL
- Remove anti-aliasing for Chinese fonts
- login causes connection timed out
- Stop browser loading images when memory low

- Meeting end date does not span correctly if user changes device timezone to greater than current value
- Received recurring vCal entry is not saved to calendar
- Calendar alarm time imported incorrectly from S40 device
- Calendar editor erases subject field if you edit a full subject field
- Calendar crashes when changing repeat rule on an entry
- The anniversary alarm never goes off
- 100 consecutive alarms does not alert
- Due date and start date are mixed in ToDo items -> ToDo alarm can not be stopped
- Calendar Options->Delete entry->All entries fails to delete exceptions to recurring meetings.
- Change in time zone results in incorrect alarm date.
- System error and product freezes with certain Calendar note
- Lunar Calendar information is not available for dates before 1980
- Last instance of repeating meeting is lost, if repeating meeting is modified in Outlook
- Unable to dismiss calendar alarm
- Repeating calendar entries

- Manual network selection freezes the phone if there is active PDP context
- Display wrong operator name "1" in Manual Selection list

- Bitmap corruption in thumbnails
- Camera localisation error fix (Localised Slovak) Camera: Wrong grammar form of Automatic used in Scene Set-up

- Backslash character not properly handled when contact is copied to memory card

- Call Back Access Point does not call back
- Rare Stability problems in TCP/IP

Device Manager
- Display FOTA help for FOTA enabled variants

- Certain animated Gif files do not play when opened from Images and Videos folder
- Screen becomes black for a second right after playing video file saved in memory card
- Wrong Presentation icon is shown in the Gallery.
- BT Image Print - Phone is stuck at Cancelling screen
- PictBridge/HP475 - Phone hangs at cancelling screen after cancelling a pictbridge print job on HP475 printer
- Video file is not played if opening from File Manager while another is paused on the background.
- DRM image can't be zoomed in if the last right is in use.
- The display position of AnimatedGIF file is incorrect.
- New Camera Images do not appear in Gallery if Gallery is open
- The Animated GIF file, which has copyright protection of valid Consumable Rights(count=5) can be played more than 5 times.
- 3gp playback incorrect when there are many images on memory card
- No help topics available in Music Settings View.
- Issues with recognizing new mimetypes
- Localisation
- Fallback when help directory is empty
- Memory Card
- Improve FAT mount performance by increasing FAT cache granularity
- Particular 256MB MiniSD card gives "Windows was unable to complete the format" when formatting under WinXP.
- Memory card unlocking does not work if no card inserted while phone booted
- Fix for memory card missing on soft reset

- Forwarded attachments visible as unsupported files in attachments view
- Envelope icon doesn't stop blinking until phone is rebooted
- E-mail : It takes too long to attach contacts via e-mail.
- Message stays in outbox (until rebooted) after cancelling infrared transmission
- Fixes MMS postcard image import size issue
- Obex crash with corrupted obex header
- Extra space at end of word when typing '/' character
- Can't receive message when using China Unicon dual mode card
- Add any file type to email attachment options
- Incorrect number is shown in note when fetching emails
- IMAP: Crash after trying to retrieve an email when there's no network coverage
- Message Viewer takes 39 seconds to display long unicode message
- Link Highlight in automatic find does not wrap to next line in mixed URL/number
- Data cannot be shown and deleted when save a large vCard which received by IrDA.

- Progressive JPEG codec doesn't compress heap after decoding

Music Player
- Music player will be terminated forcefully at the time of selecting searched data when the [Mark all] selected in track list creation.

- Sending many UDP packets results in not all packets reaching the recipient.

Real Player
- Large chunk video break up
- Unresponsive RealPlayer after streaming

- No post after user cancel JAR download
- Exes are launched by Installer App before EULA is accepted
- Installer crashes when uninstalling software
- App. installed in other phone to memory card, shortcut to it is shown in test phone
- Reset loop with certain (filesystem partly corrupted) MiniSD card
- Application Manager: Application loses list of installed applications

- Session ID in server notification (package #0) is not taken into use by DM client
- Synchronisation fails if entering more than 2 entries in Calendar of the handset with synchronisation setting as "None"

- Unknown authorisation request causes media server crash.
- UPnP - Apps Menu path in message for creating WLAN access points is incorrect - localisation of path for all languages.
- Middle ok button does not work in result window
- Copying files with ‘&’ character in
- Home Network, fix for Music playlist sharing selections not working

- Mass Storage failure. Bulk Transport handles case badly
- USB mass storage class doesn't detach from Apple MAC/Tiger

Video Telephony
- UE carried no sound or image after the following procedure UE became out-of-coverage during VT communication. Then it originated VT after the VT disconnection.

The following changes were also included in SW release 3.0618.0.1 which was only available in some markets.

- DTMF tones now allowed for emergency call created with locked phone

- RealPlayer updated – Improved handling for large chunk video break up
- RealPlayer updated – Improvements to unresponsive RealPlayer after streaming

- Settings wizard updated to week 16 release for Taiwan country Settings

- Correction to SAT polling reponse
- Accessories
- Connecting doesn't succeed after disconnecting N616 car kit and from 3G to 2G
- AD15 in Music Player mode has poor sound quality (until volume changed)

Needed equipment for software update:
- Phoenix Service Software version 2006.20.9.148 or later
- Product Data Package v13.0
- PKD-1 Dongle & Flash Prommer FPS-10 or DKU-2 USB Cable
- Product specific service devices
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#12792 - 22.08.06. 22:03 Software update kar doma...
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Na strani si lahko sami updatemo svoje Nokie... in sicer gre to z naslednjimi modeli:


Popravil(a) Jest (11.09.06. 17:56)
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#12793 - 30.08.06. 16:44 Nokia N93 - spisek popravkov: SW 11.0.034
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Changes/improvements made
MCU SW MCU SW v 10.0.025 to version 11.0.034

Out of Memory
* Camera buffer changes for more free RAM
* 24.7MB free RAM after boot-up (18.8MB in PR1)
* Out of Memory framework threshold changes

* Change default setting of Optical zoom for video to off
* Camera application freezes in low memory situation.
* Fixes for a few potential crash in camera application

* SMS freeze
* Uncompressed bitmap taken into use and WServ fix
* SMS sending delay, hangs fixed.
* Call crashes
* Probability reduced by having uncompressed bitmap/wserv/RAM
* changes.

Operator/Region relates changes
* Does not read voice mail number from Cingular USIM
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#12794 - 01.09.06. 22:48 Re: Nokia N93 - spisek popravkov: SW 11.0.034
t111 Odsoten

Registriran: 28.05.06.
Sporočil: 9
Nokia E61 (RM-89) v 2.618.06.05

Je to uradni firmware? Ga lahko že naložijo pri Teleray oz. je kakšna možnost, da sam namestim?


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#12795 - 02.09.06. 08:51 Re: Nokia N93 - spisek popravkov: SW 11.0.034
Jest Administrator Odsoten
iPhone guru

Registriran: 21.02.05.
Sporočil: 9208
Telefon: Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Ce ga imajo na Telerayu bodo verjetno najbolje tam znali povedati...

Drugih kot uradnih firmwareov pa ni...
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